Aluminum Packaging & Aielrss Pump Bottles

Our electrochemical aluminum bottles are available in a variety of sizes and are made of high quality aluminum electroplating. The whole body is smooth and bright, and the surface is electroplated and shiny. Feel smooth and resistant to falling. High-quality metal is more stable and protected from light, effectively protecting the inner body of the bottle from oxidation, avoiding pollution and reducing waste and loss.

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This cosmetic set is a little different from our ordinary sets. It includes aluminum jars and airless pump bottles.

Aluminum jars JAL22 adopts high-quality aluminum to make the outer cap and the outer jar body which is solid and
bright. The surface is electroplated into silver and is very shinny. High-grade metal is more stable and can protect the
inside formulation from being oxidated and polluted. The inner pot is made of glass with an inner PP cap. Airless pump
bottle ZA22 also adopts aluminum to make the cap and the base. The bottle body is made of SAN with a transparent
body to observe the lotions clearly.



ZA22-15ml 110mm 27mm
ZA22-20ml 108mm 33mm
ZA22-30ml 124mm 33mm
ZA22-50ml 154mm 33mm
ZA22-100ml 177mm 41mm
ZA22-200ml 205mm 50mm



  1. Bare jar&bottles: If is in stock: 10-15 days after received full payment. If is customized: 30-35 days after received 50% deposit.
  2. Printing design:35-40 days after received 50% deposit.
  3. For urgent order, Could be faster, please send email to negotiate.

Packaging Details:

 Each bottle with lids can be whole set packing or separate packing.

Sample Time:

  1. 5-7days for approval sample.
  2. Please send email for sample charge.

Bulk Production:

45 days(monthly capacity: 100,000pcs).


Q: What is your product and technique ?

A: We via injection molding and blowing molding specialize in production, customized various plastic bottles, plastic jars, plastic container, plastic tubes, cosmetic jar, cosmetic container, cosmetic packaging, mist spraying bottle,aluminum cosmetic bottles and jars, small eyeshadow pot, nail container in a variety of materials, shape, color and size.

Q: What is your product apply fields ?

A: Our products are applied to cosmetic, skin care, hair, oil, liquid, cream,  body spa etc. cosmoprof and personal care industries. 

Q: How does purchase your existing product or customized my product ?

A-1: Existing product: Please go to choose your favorite product and memorize product code, determine product request (e.g.: color , lids / top, etc.) and order quantity, together with your consignee address, phone, name and port of discharge etc., please email: , also you can write inquiry form.

A-2: Customized your product: Please mailing your existing sample to us . If you have own design drawing ( Include material name, component weight, size and configuration etc. details ), please email:

A-3: Once receive your any information or sample, we will send best price and order process to you within 24 hour and continuously follow-up services for you, answer your any problem, until your receive the goods.

Q: Are the product dependable ?

A: Yes, we are dealing with cosmetic packaging since 2009. We are attention to each client request and feedback, we have established long term cooperation with them. All product are top-quality and quality guaranteed.



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