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How to decorate your Unique Packaging

Using your company’s main color and unique Logo, You can decorate your cosmetic bottles by printing artwork directly on surfaces, including silk-screen printing, hot-stamping, offset printing for tubes and oxidation for aluminum jar & bottle.

Silk Screen Printing

Silk screening is the technique of printing where ink is forced through a photographically treated screen onto the container to be decorated. The process applies one color at a time, with a new screen for each color. Silk screening produces a clean and elegant look for your beauty logo & artwork. You can feel a nice texture touching the printing surface of the bottles/ tubes.

 Silks Screening is idealized for two or three colors printing. Pricing depends on the number of colors.

 Advantages of silk screening for cosmetic packaging:

    - Textures can be applied to highlight graphics

    - Idealized for 2-3 colors elegant design

    - High-speed production

    - Various closures: Plastic, Aluminum, Urea, Phenolic, and more


Offset Printing

Offset printing (on plastic cosmetic tubes) uses printing plates rather than silk-screens to transfer the ink onto the containers. Offset printing is more precise than silk screening, and is effective for multiple colors labeling (up to 6 colors) and printing halftone artwork. Offset printing is idealized on round containers such as plastic cosmetic tubes and bottles. Because plates are engraved for each color rather than making screens, offset printing is more expensive than silk screening. However you can achieve a desirable visual effect for a simple artwork at a reasonable cost.

 Advantages of offset printing:

    - More precise

    - Idealized for halftone artwork

    - Multiple colors available

    - High-speed production on round cosmetic tubes


Hot stamping

Hot stamping is the process of applying a specific colored foil to the surface through heat and pressure. This process produces a shiny metallic print on cosmetic bottles, jars and closures. Gold or silver foil is the most common but other colors are also available. Hot stamping technology produces a striking design for a successful impression. It highlights the logo and artwork with a shiny luxury.

 "A Striking design for a successful overall impression"

- Tubes & Trends


Oxidation & Embossed

The technique is used in aluminum cosmetic containers such as aluminum airless bottles, jars and aluminum lipstick cases. The process happens when aluminum is oxidized leaving the shiny true color on surfaces.

Advantage of Oxidized Aluminum:

    - Premium luxury look

    - High-speed production

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