: perfume 50ml bottle

Empty Transparent Glass Perfume Spray Bottle Dispensing

Our glass jars and glass bottles are made of high-grade high-quality glass, with various shapes and colorful colors. We use various processes such as spraying, frosting, electroplating, etc., and the surface treatment is in place, making the products more beautiful and luxurious. There are different combinations of sets and choices.

Red Amber Acrylic Cosmetic Containers in Square

The unique design of the vacuum pump bottle can protect the product from excessive exposure to the air, avoid contact with external pollutants to reduce the growth of bacteria and extend the shelf life. Commonly used in sensitive products such as serum, natural skin care products. Can also be used to hold general skin care products, cosmetics such as lotions, liquid foundation and so on.Try using multiple sizes and our jars for elegantly containing an entire line of products.

Luxury Square Shape Cosmetic Container Set

Our Plastic Packaging include plastic containers and plastic bottles. These bottles and jars are used to contain cosmetic and skin care products. Plastic packaging can be processed any color and customized printing as per your request.

Bowl Shape Gold or Black 30g 50g Cosmetic Contianers

Our company produces a variety of plastic cream jars in a variety of styles, with various styles, rich colors and many specifications. It can be used in different occasions. Often used as a packaging for large brands. It is suitable for the personal foundation care products such as face cream, eye cream, mask and hair mask. Best-selling at home and abroad, the harvest is highly praised. Try using multiple sizes of our jars for elegantly containing an entire line of products.

New Multi-size Bamboo Cream Jars with Plastic Inner Pot

These cream jars could be used for containing face cream, eye cream, mask skincare and hair care products. Try using multiple sizes and our bottle for elegantly containing an entire line of products. Cosmetic container’s feature as followed: a. We can process for spraying coating all kinds of colors, injection color and UV metalized etc. b. Decoration include silk-screen & hot-stamping & label to ensure your finished packagings are unique and brilliant, and only belong to you! c. We also offer customized mould making.

Aluminum Packaging & Aielrss Pump Bottles

Our electrochemical aluminum bottles are available in a variety of sizes and are made of high quality aluminum electroplating. The whole body is smooth and bright, and the surface is electroplated and shiny. Feel smooth and resistant to falling. High-quality metal is more stable and protected from light, effectively protecting the inner body of the bottle from oxidation, avoiding pollution and reducing waste and loss.

Wide Bottom Cosmetic Plastic White 60ml Tubes

Our company produces a variety of styles of hose, made of high quality PP plastic, soft and easy to squeeze. The tail is open for easy filling of the material. The surface can be offset and printed with LOGO or icons according to customer requirements. With balls or lids, a variety of styles

10ml Glass Roll On Bottles with Gold Cap

Why Use Roll-on? ◎Empty roll on bottles can be used to contain eye gel, anti-acne essence, anti-itch gel, olive oil, etc. ◎360o SPRAY > Best Spray Technology… Works from any angle. ◎CONTINUOUS SPRAY > much easier repeated pumping. ◎UNIFORM SPRAY PATTERN > for optimal coverage

perfume 50ml bottle :