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Why Airless Bottles?

Airless pump bottles protect sensitive products such as natural skin care creams, serums, foundations, and other preservative-free formula creams by preventing them from excessive exposure to air, thus extend the product shelf life. This makes airless working function bottles become the new future of cosmetic, beauty and pharmacy packaging.

Airless Pump Bottles for Cosmetics ZA54


airless dispenser bottles ZA54 

– How Does Airless Pump Bottle Work? –

It’s very different from a traditional pump bottle with dip-tube, which helps to pull the inner formula from the bottom of the bottle. The airless pump bottle hasn’t any straw. Then how does it work? This rubber elevator will be a good helper. It will lift inside product up up up till touching the dispenser’s bottom, then the product is pumped out smoothly.

– Benefits By Using Airless Bottles –

  1. Enjoy every single drop – The airless bottle ensures that you could use up almost formula inside.

  2. No wastage – Because all the products are pushed upwards, there is almost no formula left.

  3. No contaminant – There is a vacuum sealed in an airless bottle, it will help your products avoid contacting with a lot of contaminants.

  4. Longer shelf life – Due to vacuum sealed, it will extend your products shelf life. So you get to use your product more effectively and until the very last drop.

  5. No Back Flow – Bottle with airless dispenser eliminates back flow problem, which happens when air flows back to the bottle after pumping.

– Nothing Comes Out? What’s the Problem? –

This “problem” is common. Don’t worry, not defect bottles but the regular airless dispenser’s working. Sometimes, there is excess space full of air because the formula isn’t filled much enough. When we press the pump, no formula but the air out at first. What we should do is to expel extra air out until the formula reaches the top and then comes out from the dispenser. So please follow these 2 steps.

  • Please ensure to press the pump firmly down, do not pump it halfway. Because you need to expel as much air as you can from the bottle for first using. Therefore, please do pressing continuously until the formula finally comes out. If this does not work, let us move to step 2.
  • Sometimes when you are using the airless bottle, the air might get stuck in the bottle. Take a regular paperclip and open it. From the bottom of the bottle, you will see a hole. Insert the paperclip to the hole and keep pushing and pumping to force the excess air out. Then you have it.

– Suggestion –

  • Please fill enough formula into the bottle, so that less air impacts the active and natural ingredients of the inside products.
  • If your products are pumped out properly, don’t open the pump from the bottle! If you opened it, there would be air entering the bottle. When you seal the bottle with pump again, you’ll have to press the dispenser many times to expel out the air again until the formula out.   

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