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Professional Packaging Solution Supplier since 2015, All in SHAOXING COSPACK. Easily selecting the inventory of glass bottles and plastic containers. Creating private customized packaging.



Achieve your unique container designs into reality by our efforts

Support you to process the containers from coloring to printing, labels, embossed & debossed designs, private mold developing and much more.

Shaoxing CosPack promise

Shaoxing CosPack always take efforts to support the samples, start the formal order, arrange for the shipment and offer after-sale tracing service. Our team ensure our clients are happy with our products. Only by providing an outstanding service with product quality, with support, will we achieve the goals of long-term success and sustained improvements.


Selecting our normal containers, easily reach your brand goal by color coating, printing and label support. Researching and developing the private mold design and sampling test, create your unique packaging idea into the reality.

One-stop packaging solutions

Although we only manufacture jars and bottles in a variety of sizes, appearances, raw materials and special processing options, we help achieve the secondary packaging like labels, paperboard boxes, bags and much more.

Support & Services

Paying more attention and efforts to each order, our team work with their passion and professional service to fulfill our customers’ requirements.

Discover what we have offered to our clients - Unique customized bottles, jars and paperboard boxes

Completely private skincare and cosmetic packaging

Shaoxing CosPack offers many different options for custom packaging and decorations, by creating new custom mold, processing custom coloring and printing private logo and content on the bottles.

Cobalt Blue Skin Care Bottles

Cobalt Blue Skin Care Bottles

Let your skin care bottles to express your products and brand, which help you achieve high-end results and brand impact.

Glass Pump bottles and box with label

Pump Bottles in Custom Boxes

Luxurious packaging with embossed private logo & custom stickers are succeeded by your creativity and our achievement.

foldable box

Custom Foldable Gift Box

All your packaging request can be fulfilled by Shaoxing CosPack. Face oil, concentrate and cream packing into folding box for sale.

acrylic container

Custom Acrylic Container

Added brand on the jar for every sale to enhance your company and excellent products. Perfect exposure in the market.

Nail Polish Bottles & Packaging Box

Nail Polish Bottles & Packaging Box

Let your dream packaging into reality. Selecting all sorts of jars, bottles and paperboard boxes perfectly.

Glass Face Oil Packaging with Dropper

Glass Face Oil Packaging with Dropper

Never worry about ruining your creative ideas, we help you turn your creative glass packaging designs into reality.

Soft Touch Frosted Skincare Packaging

Soft Touch Frosted Skincare Packaging

Attracted by your unique designs and premium quality, your customer will enjoy both your products and packaging.

Luxury Skincare Packaging Design

Luxury Acrylic Skincare Packaging Design

Selecting our bottles and containers, we’re able to process unique packaging to your luxury skincare products.

Glass Dropper Bottle with Box Packaging

Glass Dropper Bottle with Box Packaging

Go green with eco-friendly paperboard box to decrease the waste. 50ml glass bottle with dropper exhibit the same design idea.

Glass Bottle with Dropper

Colorful 30ml Glass Bottle with Dropper

How to know the products better? Attracted by the unique design of bottle firstly. Perfect products & packaging.

Moisturizer Containers & Serum Dropper Bottles

Moisturizer Containers & Serum Dropper Bottles

Sourcing premium packaging for your skin care product? Try our acrylic containers & glass bottles for moisturizer and serum.

Custom Essential Oil Glass Spray Bottles

Custom Essential Oil Glass Spray and Dropper Bottle

Amber glass bottle with metallic coating is ideal option for essential oil storage, dropper or spray pump sealing tightly.

Small Business Supporting

Get effective custom packaging without lifting a finger with quality and service you can trust.

Starting from 100 pieces

Industry specific solutions to maximize customer purchasing decisions.

Multiple stock bottle options

Expertly designed solutions to maximize brand awareness and recognition.

Everlasting Bottle experience

Exceed your customer’s expectations with great unboxing experiences.

What industry is using our containers? Learn from Industrial Applications


How to achieve your custom skin care packaging?

Learning our full processing procedures from prototype bottle manufacturing to custom coloring and printing process, Inspection & Packing ready to ship.
Prototype Bottle Manufacturing

Prototype Bottle Manufacturing

Prototype Bottle Manufacturing

Glass, plastic, metal, paper and other packaging are manufactured by their separate processing mode.
Painting Color Process

Painting Color Process

Color coating will enhance the fascination and individuation of skin care containers. Different painting technology for different materials.
Pantone Code Ref.

Pantone Code Reference

It is universal Color Standard and provides color mixed matching reference. Avoiding effectively to see different in the different displays.

Printing Process

Printing Process

Our printing specialists make your designs into the physical samples efficiently and accurately by semi-auto & full-auto printing machines.

Quality Control Test

Quality Control Test

QC covers the full manufacturing procedures and application. Such as the appearance, function test, leakage test, torque, filling and much more.



First impressions build lasting impressions

Selecting the most suitable container packaging is essential in creating great first impressions. With our supporting team of professional product clerks and artwork designers, we will ensure that your first impressions are here to make lasting impressions to improve long lasting customer retention to your business.

10+ Years Extensive Experience

Skilled production staff, technicians with 10+ years experience, excellent graphic specialists, professional sale and service team for market solution.

Most Stringent Quality Control

We are committed to control the quality during & after manufacture and enforce stringent full inspection before the shipping.

Professional ODM & OEM Support

Our specialists are able to create your creative packaging idea into the reality. Excellent custom cosmetic packaging offer you everlasting brand impact.

Confidently Fast Fulfillment & Safe Shipping

Flexible production time for the urgent orders. Whatever the shipment by sea or by air, we would wrap the goods on the pallet by shrink film and belt for better strength & stability.

Premium Customer Service

Your satisfaction is always our top concern. Whatever and whenever you have any question, our team are happy to answer you promptly and professionally.

Eco-friendly Sustainable Development

The goal to make our earth greener for ongoing and the future. Joining hands with our clients for the social environmental preservation. Utilizing more bio-material to manufacture sustainable packaging.


Your branding custom containers manufacturer

Ensure your packaging meets your sustainable goals with certified packaging that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

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Shaoxing CosPack offers custom color processing. Matte/Frosted, Glossy and Shiny Chrome Finish according the design concept of your final product.  Transparent colored, opaque finish, gradient color coating and much more for options.

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30+ semi-auto printing machines and 4 automatic printing machines support whatever small or large orders. Our printing specialists are able to do printing on the cylinder bottles even curved bottles.

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Our engineers enable your unique logo design to accomplish on the aluminum caps in lower cost. Increasing your brand impact by the personalized processing service and your creativity.

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One-stop service to offer you primary packaging and secondary packaging. Which saves you headache and time. From the custom bottle, jar and tube to paperboard box, foldable gift box and label, all packaging sourcing you can devolve to Shaoxing CosPack.

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Our R&D team have accumulated extensive experience working with 3D modeling technology, which change your creativity easier into the reality.


Help you move ahead the ideal containers selection rapidly

Initial Sample Support

According to your application demand, you can select several different bottles as an initial evaluation. We can send the stock samples to you by express shipping rapidly. You can choose your favorite one and do the initial test by filling your formulation. At the same time, inform us your feedback timely. You may find solutions to reduce production costs or increase efficiency through an active and open communication with us. Please take the first step!

Graphic Design

Once you select the container for final, your designer would create the container’s color and graphic artwork corresponding to your products, branding concept and brand colors. You can refer to the physical sample for dieline dimension or let us provide you the container’s dieline design draft. The specific details of graphic design and active communication enable us to achieve the custom samples easier.

Custom Sample Process

Turning over your design to us, our printing expert will double check the file to make sure the correct printing dimension in the outlined version. We process custom color as per Pantone Code you provide. Surely yes, we can do the closer color if you can provide physical color sample to us. Usually, it needs about 5~7days to finish the custom sample, and longer time for more complex customized samples.

Proceed Formal Order

Our both parties can negotiate the formal order after sample passed. We can provide the final price and production time based on your quantity and detailed request, then inquire our shipping agent for the shipping cost and shipping time. Calculating all roughly cost and delivery time for your reference, let you know the roughly budget and make a marketing plan according to the turnaround time.   

Shipping & Service

While the goods are ready to ship, we will provide the palletizing protection for the bottles and cartons by shrink film wrapped and belt strengthened. Load the goods as per your consigned shipping agent and provide Bill of Lading/Waybill tracking to you timely. If you need any after-sale service, please feel free to send your feedback. We both overcome the difficulties together. It is win-win situation!

See what our customers say

Don’t let what we say influence you, take it from our customers!

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Shaoxing CosPack concern is how to grow up together with the customers since 2015. All personalized and attractive products must be in accordance with their design ideas of cosmetic and skin care brands, custom coloring and UV coating, customized printing and label. Even if selecting our existing bottles, we can process different unique products to the different clients. Not only that, but also we can provide the private customized drawing service.

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Yes, we can. We can offer easy-customized and serious-customized products. Regarding to easy-customized, you can select our existing products and request us to process the color, printing and label as per your Pantone Code and Graphic Artworks. Regarding to serious-customized, our both parties would discuss and research including the drawing, raw material choice and the feasibility from the mould design to manufacturing.

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Divided according to different raw material, our products cover Glass, Plastic, Aluminum, Bamboo, Wood and Paperboard Packaging. Especially, “PCR” – A new sustainable packaging raw material available. It would be more benefit to the environment. As per different feature, we usually call our products as Dropper Bottle, Airless Pump Bottle, Lotion Pump Bottle, Mist Spray Bottles, Roll on Bottle, Toner Bottle, Perfume Bottle, Cream Jar, Airless Jar, Deodorant Stick Container, Cosmetic Container, Cosmetic Soft Tube, Paper Box, Make-up Packaging.

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If you only need our bottle in stock without any customized at a glance firstly, we can offer 2 units samples in free of charge, but you must undertake the shipping courier fee accordingly. Of course, if you have issued your own account by DHL, FEDEX or UPS, you can contact them to pick up the samples from our side directly. If you need the customized samples to process the color coating and printing, we’ll charge the sample fee calculating as per the detailed request. Once receiving the charges, we can proceed the sample order, usually it needs about 7~15days to finish.

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Our products are widely applied to different industries including Essential Oils, Pharmaceuticals, Skin Care, Bath & Body Care, Beauty Cosmetics, Hair Care, Cleaning and Hand Sanitizer, Candles, Fragrance, Nutraceutical, Food Packaging and Household Chemical Product Packaging. By selecting different product feature, application field, preference and packaging made by different raw materials, the clients can test proper compatibility by their formulations.

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Shaoxing CosPack is a reliable cooperated partner. We are dedicating to doing win-win business with all clients coming from the different countries in the world. We address both those who deal in small and personalized business and also those who have large purchasing request. The payment terms are 100% upfront for the small business and urgent orders. For large orders, 50% deposit by bank transfer, and the balance is paid before the shipment.

Unsure which packaging suits your project the best? Have our experts help guide you!

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