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Essential Oil Bottles

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The most important to the essential oil suppliers is to do compatibility testing before selecting the storing containers. The compatibility testing should be completed to ensure that the container will withstand the essential oils. Aluminum containers and glass bottles are popular packaging options for essential oils because the oils cannot be damaged by the inert nature of aluminum and glass. Then select an airtight closure, and you have the perfect packaging solution.

10ml 15ml 20ml 30ml 50ml 100ml Golden Glass Essential Oil Bottle

– How to Select Glass Essential Oil Bottles? –

Firstly, the glass bottles should be origin or coated darker colors with better ultraviolet resistance. Glossy or matte black, amber, cobalt blue, opal white, green, high temperature UV coating rose gold, silver and any other metallic colors. On the other hand, aluminum bottles can also be processed any customized color.

Secondly, selecting the suitable closures is also very important to store and seal tightly the essential oils. Selecting from a variety of plastic caps, dropper caps and metal caps, and doing compatibility testing for filling your essential oils. Different closures are able to control and mess-free dispensing of essential oils. You just select the most suitable one for your products.

Thirdly, Shaoxing CosPack always provides a multiple variety of bottles and different sizes to accommodate various quantities of essential oils, catering to both personal and professional use. Small size for tester sample use or big size for storing are all available.

Finally, there are 5ml 10ml even much smaller sizes bottles with orifice reducer and tight lids options suitable for on-the-go use and portable easily. And no any worries to put it into your handbag.

Customization Your Brilliant Essential Oil Bottles? 

It is important to do the unique designs whatever you are small or big company. You can obtain custom coloring, printing and labeling services from us directly. How to let your essential oils stand out from the market? Keep the everlasting brand impact is a vital factor. Devolving your brilliant designs to us, we’ll present well on the bottles. And let more people remember you.

Essential Oils
aluminum essential oil bottles
wholesale empty aluminum essential oil bottles in 40ml 50ml 100ml 120ml 150ml & 250ml

– What relative packaging are supplied with essential oil bottles together?

In order to offer you the better service and decrease your headache time, we also can provide shrink bands, labels, cardboard boxes and much more.

By using shrink band to seal the bottle with lid will be helpful to enhance the tightness. Make your storing essential oils safe and acceptable for retail distribution. It is easy to be opened and installed. Usually, you can take a hair dryer or heat gun to shrink to fit the band with the bottle. Just a few seconds!

Consider using a unique labeling material to set your product apart instead. Essential oil bottle with your branding printing or a perfectly paired label can look highly compelling on its own. There are different label materials for option, but usually, clear plastic label is an affordable and durable option for you.

Glass Pump bottles and box with label
Glass Pump bottles and box with label

Additionally, there are hand-made cardboard boxes and foldable box packaging for your selection. Trying our best to offer you one-stop packaging solution service. Tell us your design idea and material selection, we are able to turn your designs into the physical sample.

Paperboard Box Packaging
Paperboard Box Packaging

– Further Communication & Discussion 

If you are interested in this topic or more details of essential oil bottles, please feel free to contact with us.

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