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Olive Green Dropper Bottles
glass dropper vial and bottle
Cobalt Blue Cosmetic Packaging

PHYTO-C is a Natural & Clinically Proven Skincare Company with 20+ years. All research and development are completed by Dr. Omar.

Shaoxing CosPack is a young and creative company in custom cosmetic packaging since 2015.

No one knew what happened to Joyce at the beginning of 2015. Joyce spent the full month thinking about her future. She decided to begin her journey towards her passion. It was the start of Shaoxing CosPack. Joyce and her new team developed the goal to manufacture and market personalized cosmetic packaging.
The first touch between Phyto-C & Shaoxing CosPack was that Joyce received an email from Eddie inquiring glass dropper bottle. Eddie was diligent, open-mined and professional to make the communication smoothly. Although they were located in a different time zone, Eddie replied in a timely manner. He clarified all details letting Joyce understand Phyto-C’s packaging needs. How lucky she was! Joyce could get along with Eddie in the most hassle-free working way.
After fulfilling the first shipment, Joyce was hit by “Excellent Job!” wording from Eddie. Joyce believed her perseverance wasn’t wrong. Eddie strengthened Joyce’s confidence. Consequently, collaboration increased between both parties. In times of difficulty, Eddie would say to Joyce – “Please let me know if there is anything I can help with”. Both focusing the efforts on working better in their fields, Eddie and Joyce are partners and friends who go forward together hand in hand.
Never forget the initial dreams! With 7 years going by, they always trust each other, address problems promptly and effectively. Joyce often says to her team – “Our clients are our reason for existence. We should help our clients maintain the brand’s goal for ongoing and the future with unwavering commitment and focus.” Eddie and his team always spend more time in their laboratory. The premium products manufactured by Phyto-C are known well by more and more worldwide people. Mutual success is the real success.
Every day, the world is changing. Let’s embrace changes with an open mind and view every change as an opportunity for improvement. Expect ours and yours for a better tomorrow.
Joyce – it’s me, who is sharing this story to you.
BY JOYCE ZHANG | Nov. 21, 2022 |


Wuli Grooming Packaging
Amber Sea Salt Spray Bottle
Amber Curl Cream Jar

Mr. Amadou - Founder of Australian Wuli Grooming Company. Wuli Grooming Brand - Australian-made All Natural Vegan Hair Care.

Jimmy - Sales Manager of Shaoxing CosPack, who has helped Amadou come true all packaging of Wuli Grooming brand ideas.

There is a visionary Australian entrepreneur named Amadou, who has a passion for beauty and hair products, and a dream of creating a new cosmetic brand with innovative products and fantastic packaging solutions. Occasionally one day, he met Jimmy on-line, the sales manager from Shaoxing CosPack, a sustainable packaging supplier, the story began.

The partnership started with intense brainstorming, Amadou simply shared his idea and proposal, Jimmy and Shaoxing CosPack team offered a series of packaging solutions with sample service to make the ideas true, from the logo, jars, bottles, to different lids, label and box options, trying to let the customers have a good experience of one-stop service. Thoughts were being exchanged during the designing and sample processing, which made every detail getting more perfect, and finally came the wonderful hair care product set with a successful launch.

“It’s a huge success & an important step for Wuli Brand!” says Amadou, who is still working hard together with Wuli’s team, to bring the amazing natural products to more and more people. As for us – Shaoxing CosPack, this is also our vision, to share the happiness to everyone, beauty brands, lovely consumers. We believe that our collaboration together will elevate both your products and the packaging to new heights.

Of course, if you are interested in the products of our client – Wuli Grooming, you can learn more by below social media.

Wuli Grooming Brand

Please check what Mr. Amadou has said

BY JIMMY CHEN | Sept. 25, 2023 |

Meet Our Team @cospaks

Meet the Founder - Joyce Zhang

Sales Director - Jimmy Chen

Media Supervisor - Katelyn Qin

In the beginning, some of my friends wanted to create their own brands for skincare products, but it’s really frustrating and would always drive them crazy when they couldn’t find an ideal packaging for the products, nor to get a suitable supplier with customized service. Based on years of experience of packaging and cosmetics, I was thinking “why don’t I help them figure the damn things out!” Then Shaoxing CosPack was founded, with now an excellent team to support.

I dedicate myself to solve the field of Cosmetic Packaging, trying to help all those people who are confused on finding a best solution for their products. From the bottles and jars idea to the private designs and further decorations, to create all fantastic cosmetics, and be loved by the consumers, that will be amazing!

We are living in a blessed world, and we need also to take care of it. My team and I are also trying our best to learn things, create more eco-friendly packaging innovations, take full advantage of recyclable materials, or offer refillable solutions to protect our planet, to be a part of nature. This is how “COSKEZY” was created and we are pleased to offering creative ideas, and working with you, our lovely friends.

Joyce Zhang Founder & General Manager of Shaoxing CosPack

“One is never too old to learn. However much you know, there’s always more to learn, we can still increase our knowledge.” That’s what I believe, and keep working hard everyday, knowing new things, to help all my customers with better solutions.

With a strong background in product development, purchasing and sales, being a part of the business for more than 10 years, I have a better understanding of what you need or what you may concern. It’s easier for me to stand in my customer’s position, with more preferable solutions.

It’s a pleasure to join in the team of Shaoxing CosPack (in 2020), and became the Sales Director. What we do is to offer cosmetic packaging solutions and innovations to you and to all of our customers in the world. From bottles, jars, tubes to further decorations with your amazing designs.

COSKEZY | Our brand has everything I want, being a supplier, a cooperator, a teammate, and a friend. That’s cool! “We help each other, support and grow up together.” This is the harmony I am now pursuing, doing my best to create a brighter future together with all the customers.

Jimmy Chen. Sales Director of Shaoxing CosPack

Being a part of our team in Shaoxing CosPack, Katelyn is playing an important role in the Marketing, the “amazing girl”, always with a sensitivity of the market. She is energetic, who can always create a happy team atmosphere, in the office, outdoor activities...wherever we are. It’s just, you will like her!

Actions speak louder than words, Katelyn works hard in her position, keeps learning and listening, and becomes on of the Top Sales. As our customers, you will definitely find a best solutions from her. More than a specialist in cosmetic packaging, she herself is a walking fashion, knowing better the things you want!

Since we are living in the WE MEDIA ERA. Katelyn is dedicated to show you the best of us, our team, the branding, and all our fantastic cosmetic packaging innovations.

If you have any great ideas, and need a little bit more inspiration, or just want better packaging solutions of your formula and products, come and talk with her, you will never be disappointed.

Katelyn Qin Media Supervisor of Shaoxing CosPack

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

To fulfill all our customers’ expectations, innovations and bespoke solutions for cosmetic packaging, playing our role as a great part of your supply chain.

Our Vision:

To be the most valuable and trusted supplier and partner for beauty packaging in the world.

Quality & Reliability

Customer satisfaction fuels our passion. Both products and service guaranteed. Shaoxing CosPack is always supplying high quality container packaging in fast and safe shipping way.

Company Fast Growing

Shaoxing CosPack is a constantly growing company. The year in 2015 is an flection point, seeking mutual success with our partners, clients and employees for life-long relationships.

Cost & Time Saving

We have gathered a talented and determined team, who help you achieve your projects with less headache and time. Professional packaging solution is offered in a reasonable price.

Position Opportunities

We are here to provide more working and learning opportunities to the people. We support your career journey at Shaoxing CosPack, and value your efforts. An amazing team just awaits you!

Your Brands Impact

Supporting bespoke solution from coloring, branding, labeling and more, make your products more excellent and personalized, let customers remember your products and your brands better.

Social Responsibility

We deeply care about the life environment. Let the earth breathe for a greener tomorrow, by using eco-friendly bio-material such as bamboo, paperboard, wheat straw and much more to the packaging.

More Visual Experience

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Our Achievement

Five-star Supplier Award 2021 Evaluation from product’s quality, order’s fulfillment, sales amount and after-sale customer service.
Verified Supplier by TUV Award 2020 Onsite assessment by TUV Rheinland including Company Overview, Human Resources, Export Business Capacity, Quality Assurance, Company Development/Expansion Plans and much more.
Quality Management System Certificate ISO9001: 2000 STANDARDS by UNIVERSAL CERTIFICATION SERVICE CO.,LTD.
MSDS Report and Raw Material SGS Report We guarantee the functionality of the supplied items and declare that the packaging for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical field supplied by us is fully conform to what foreseen by the current law.
Brand Register Certificate Award 2017 “COSKEZY” is the brand and logo of Shaoxing CosPack Company. Covering products are glass containers, plastic bottles and metal packaging.

Let's Trust Each Other

Build A Strong Partnership

It is important to have reliable suppliers for you. Shaoxing CosPack have the ability to meet your quality standards. Our team will provide you premium service and excellent experience.

Latest News

Shaoxing CosPack keeps the focus to new sustainable materials, and utilizes more eco-friendly products for the healthier life and a greener tomorrow. We are manufacturing replaceable and refillable bottles, using eco-friendly bio-material such as bamboo, paperboard, wheat straw and much more to the packaging. Utilizing recycled material and decreasing the waste would be benefit to the greener earth. A small step from us, a huge step for human.

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