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Shaoxing CosPack will achieve the goals of long-term success and sustained improvements. Learning what products we manufacture and supply, please leave your question & suggestion to us.
glass bottle container

1.Glass Containers

Whether you are looking for a glass bottle with a dropper for your face oil, or looking for a glass bottle with a pump for your newly developed facial cream, you will always find a solution here at Shaoxing CosPack. We are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of skincare glass bottles and jars, with different sizes, shapes and designs available. To create your unique skincare product, we also offer customized service (coatings, printings, labels and box packaging) to meet your fancy design.

1.1 Glass Bottle with Closure

We have various closures in different shapes, materials and finishes for our glass bottles, screw cap with orifice insert for essential oils, pumps for foundation liquid, dispensers for creams, pumps for lotions and shampoos, and sprayers for sanitizer and cleanser.

1.2 Glass Bottle with Dropper

If you are looking for some packaging for your lately formulated serums or facial oils, our innovative glass bottles with droppers will definitely be a good solution for you. Here are a range of droppers and different shapes of recyclable glass bottles to meet your fancy products.

1.3 Glass Bottle with Pump

It’s very important to choose a right kind of pump and bottle to represent your brand, also a key to the product functioning. We offer a lot high quality of pumps, no matter you want a pump for your high end serum, foundation, facial cream, or lotion, you will find a right one here.

1.4 Glass Bottle with Cork

Are you exploring a cork top glass bottles or jars for a wide range of applications? Take a look at our glass containers with cork lids here, also Borosilicate glass bottles, very low coefficients of thermal expansion, making them more resistant to thermal shock than any other common glass.

1.5 Glass Jar with Lid

We have a range of recyclable skin care glass jars available with high quality to help you create fancy look of your skin care creams, body lotions, face masks and even beard creams/balms. All kinds of cap options for you, from white, black to gold mirror, and we are able to coat the glass jars with your favorite colors or frosted effect.  

Bio-plastic Sanitizer Bottles

2. Sustainable Packaging

Looking for sustainable packaging supplies, we have a range of eco-friendly packaging solutions for you, from recyclable cardboard to PCR bottles, bamboo bottles, wheat straw bottles and jars, you will also get different solutions from our refillable bottles and ideas.

2.1 Paperboard Box Packaging

For our secondary packaging services, we are honored to participate in the design and production for our cooperated brands worldwide. High quality paperboard, recycled cardboard box, and also customized gift box packaging solutions are waiting for you.

2.2 PCR Packaging

We offer PCR packaging from 10%, 30% to 100%, Post-Consumer Recycled material or Resin, plastics such as PET, PP and HDPE which are widely recycled and then reprocessed into a resin to make new packaging. In this simple terms, it is packaging that is being given a second life, to reduce the use of plastic packaging, being more eco-friendly.

2.3 Bamboo Bottles

At Shaoxing CosPack, you will find different options for bamboo cosmetic packaging, such as bamboo cream jars, bamboo dropper bottles and fancy packaging like bamboo lip balm tube and roll-on bottles. We support new line or fresh brand in small MOQ, and offer customized laser engraving and screen printings for your logo to create your unique products.

2.4 Wheat Straw Bottles

Our new cosmetic packaging line, Eco-friendly, reusable bottles and jars, made from sustainable wheat straw, a biodegradable renewable resource, ideal for all of you who care about environment, extremely durable, safe and healthy! Multiple colors for your choices, with different capacities and pumps available for to hold your products.

2.5 Refillable Bottles

Aiming to decrease the waste of plastic and other materials to create a more environmental world, we developed a range of refillable/reusable bottles and jars made of PET, PP, or Glass for cosmetic packaging solutions. With our specially designed structures, you are welcome to join the revolution group in eco-friendly cosmetics.

cosmetic tube for BB cream

3. Squeeze Tubes

Squeeze tubes are a good way to carry the cream or butter, they are easy taken, at home or on the way in a trip. We supply a range of models for squeeze tube packaging, with different sizes, diameters and orifices, 2 layers, 5 layers. All our tubes could be customized to your colors and printings, we also support small MOQs for bulk and DIY.

black cosmetic jar

4. Plastic Containers

We are specialized in offering a wide range of plastic containers like airless pump bottles and jars, PET bottles and jars with all kinds of pumps and caps for your skin care and body care products. Private branding and labels are well supported, our one stop service will definitely save your time.

4.1 Airless Pump Bottles

If you are seeking a high quality packaging for your newly formulated cream, or you want to use up every dosage of your lotion without waste, try our airless pump bottles, with fancy coating and your very best logo, you will make it a most unique and luxury product in the market. Different styles and shapes are available, with more than 20 sets for your product lines.

4.2 Lotion Bottles

Our refillable lotion bottles will well protect your DIY creams, lotions, moisturizers, liquid soaps, easy-pumping, no leakage, lower prices, higher quality, all capacities, and both glass and plastic bottles are in stock, Boston round, cylinder, square and rectangular shapes are all available.

4.3 Mist Bottles

Welcome to shop our refillable fine mist spray bottle for indoor and outdoor plant care, or personal care, hair styling, skin refresher air mist. from 15ml-30ml-50ml to 8oz (250ml) or bigger in 500ml. All types of dispensers are optional, high quality trigger squirt, aluminum sprayer with over cap, gardening spray functions, mist atomizers, sustainable sanitizer sprayers.

4.4 Foaming Bottles

Foam pump bottles are quite popular containers for liquid soaps, The special pump allows for a precise mixing of liquid and air to dispense foam with each stroke. With our foaming bottles, the consumers can easily and fully have their hands and faces cleaned, to the utmost extent being healthy.

4.5 Plastic Jars

Browse our gallery of plastic jars, single wall PET jars with metal caps, or thick wall / double wall jars with a very durable and high end outlook and feelings, you will find a suitable and perfect container for your own products, no matter they are creams, salves, soaps, balms or some other food products. Bulk quantities are available for you with the best prices and shipping methods.

Aluminum Packaging

5. Aluminum Packaging

Aluminum packaging are mostly known as tins and bottles, to protect food and beauty products. As metal containers, they are fully recycled, thus will reduce the waste of materials to be reusable and eco-friendly.

5.1 Aluminum Bottles

Our aluminum bottles are available with a brushed finish, high end experience, fully recyclable, more durable than plastic and more lighter than glass. We also support complete UV protection for any light-sensitive products stored in. Aluminum bottles are a perfect packaging solution for fragrance, hair product, soap, lotion, shampoo, air fresheners and a lot more products.

5.2 Aluminum Tins

Aluminum tins are popular used for beard and hair balms, salves or candles, with smaller size and flat shape, easy and safe to handle. We offer label service for all the brands to create the unique product.

Custom Packaging Solution Supplier

6. Custom Packaging

Be our guest to send your request with your innovative ideas of design, finished or not, primary packaging or secondary packaging, bottles or boxes, you are always welcome for bespoke solutions. With our teamwork together, we will create a fancy product and make the idea true.

6.1 Custom Coloring

Shaoxing CosPack provides multiple options with a smooth, matte, frosted, glossy or metallic chrome coating on glass and plastic containers, in any shape or color, seeing-through or opaque finish.

6.2 Custom Branding

Silk-screen printing and hot-stamping on glass, aluminum and plastic bottles are available. Off-set printing on paperboard box and cosmetic tube. Private emboss and deboss logo for option.

6.3 Stickers / Labels

The extra layer of label gives the product a finished look and more than doubles the available space for branding and product usage information. Adding exterior product sticker gives you another opportunity to differentiate your product in a sea of competition.

Aluminum Packaging 3D mockup

7. New Products R&D

Our R&D team have accumulated extensive experience working with 3D modeling technology, which change your creativity easier into the reality. We always support your creative designs to development new bottles and closures.

7.1 Creative Design/3D Mockup

Our engineer designers will help your new product team complete bottle’s design to create CAD/3D drawings from your concept, sketch and mockup.

7.2 Custom Molds

After all details are confirmed, then we can go on the next step – create the private mold engineering as per the confirmed drawing. Usually it needs about 20~30days to finish.

7.3 Physical Sample

It is important procedure to process the physical samples once finishing the new mold. Testing the samples and work out what issues need to be adjusted. Sending samples to the clients for further feedback and improvement suggestion.

7.4 Trial-Run Production

Before you place the large order, you can attempt trial order firstly. Maybe some problem hasn’t been found during the sample evaluation progress. We can address these problem in the lower marketing test cost.

7.5 Mass Production

After addressing all issues, you can proceed the mass production without worries. Our team will offer you more helps for production lead time, shipping way options and other services.

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