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Airless Pump Bottles

Shaoxing CosPack is dedicating to supplying continuously a variety of plastic airless pump bottles. There are single layer and double layers airless bottles with screw-on sealing and snap-on sealing styles options. Airless bottles are workable in vacuum environment without air, so keep the active ingredient of skin care products not easy to be oxidation. Furthermore, different bottle with airless dispenser has different dosage per stroke, usually from 0.15ml, 0.2ml, 0.25ml to 1ml each dispensing. It helps to precise how many days to use out. All these airless bottles can be used to contain BB Cream, Make-up Foundation, Organic Essence, Serum and much more.

***We couldn’t guarantee that all airless pump containers are compatible with every product. Attention please test your products with packaging before use or sale to ensure container suitability. ***

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