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Glass Essential Oil Bottle

Glass has high chemical-resistance levels and extremely high resistance to heat and cold. It is great for storing essential and plants oils. Classic round essential oil glass bottles and Boston Round bottles are widely used to contain light-sensitive oils and extracts, they are ideal for labeling. Silk-screen printing and hot-stamping are also available. Some square shape and special shaped glass bottles are also made into dark amber for filling essential oils. The screw neck sizes have 18-410, 20-410, 24-410, 22-400, 24-400 and much more.

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Unsure which packaging suits your project the best? Have our experts help guide you!


Make the switch to essential oil packaging


Compatibility testing should be completed to ensure that the container will withstand the oil.


Darker ultraviolet resistance colors such as glossy or matte black, amber, cobalt blue and opal white etc.


The ideal packaging to store essential oils properly include glass and aluminum bottles & containers.


Selecting the suitable closures is also very important to store and seal tightly the essential oils.


Ensure your packaging meets your branding and marketing goals with personalized designs that are provided custom coloring, printing and labeling.


Make an impact with sustainable options

Working with 100% efforts for the social environmental preservation to develop eco-friendly sustainable packaging. 

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Pure essential oils are very powerful! It is recommended to store essential oils in darker coloring and durable bottles, since sunlight can accelerate the expiration of the oil. If essential oils are stored properly, they can last a very long time. Product compatibility testing should be completed to ensure that the containers will withstand the essential oils.

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Addressing the excess exposure to the air, airless pump bottles are widely used by pharmacy, cosmetic and skincare industries. A variety of high-end and luxurious bottles are provided by Shaoxing CosPack for option. For the functional feature, these packaging are workable in the vacuum environment without air, and keep the active ingredient of skin care products not easy to be oxidation.

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Glass containers are safe and eco-friendly packaging to store your skincare or cosmetic products. Glass has an almost zero rate of chemical interactions, which ensure the storing products to keep their strength, aroma and flavor. We can process glass containers into the customized coloring and printing. The sooner turnaround time, flexible purchasing quantity and private designs can be easily come true.

Unsure which packaging suits your project the best? Have our experts help guide you!

Let’s take part in a greener tomorrow

Learn how you can be part of the movement and how Shaoxing CosPack tackles sustainability!


Become a sustainability expert


Shaoxing CosPack’s mission towards a greener future


Become more green at every packaging stage

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Minimize your carbon emissions

Optimized logistics

Reduce your carbon emissions with optimized manufacturing locations and shipping routes. Get your package delivered faster and with less transportation.

Bulk shipments

Group your shipment with other shipments to lessen smaller shipments to reduce the amount of needed shipments.

Protect your products, protect the environment

Get the best of both worlds, durable and strong packaging that protects your packaging through thick and thin while keeping the earth protected with sustainably made packaging that is easily recyclable and compostable.

Essential Oil Bottles
Refillable Glass Containers for Skincare

Reduce, Reuse, Recycable

Keep your packaging minimal to reduce waste, introduce reusable packaging and ensure your packaging is recyclable with all our alternative packaging solutions! Shaoxing CosPack will help you meet your green goals!

See what our customers say

Don’t let what we say influence you, take it from our customers!

Frequently asked questions

Unsure which packaging suits your project the best? Have our experts help guide you!

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Let your creative designs into reality, we can process customized coloring and printing on bottles. For custom coloring, you can tell us Pantone Code you request or send your physical sample to us for the reference. For custom printing, we also request your graphic designs in vector file. More details, please contact us by email – info@cospaks.com or WhatApp – 18658419370

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You can pay the money by PayPal, Bank Transfer, or the third party payment such as Alipay. For the further communication, please send email – info@cospaks.com to us directly.

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Usually 3~5days ready to ship for stock samples, and 7~15days for customized sample process. If R&D new bottles, it needs about 30~40days. The regular worldwide express shipping time is about 4~10days.

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